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Chiropractic Management for Auto Accident or Whiplash

Vehicular collisions often result in whiplash. Whiplash happens quickly and our bodies are never fast enough to contract our muscles in time to protect ourselves from injury. Usually there is a quick acceleration with a sudden deceleration afterwards, the injury caries in severity with regards to other factors. The degree of injury is often dependent on factors such as the conditions of the road, the size of the vehicle, the size of the neck of the patient, the position of the neck and head during the accident, the placement of the headrest and etc. These factors are important as they will then be taken in to account in order to make an individualized treatment approach.

The direction where the head moves is dictated by the direction of impact. A rear end collision, the force is coming from behind which results in the head whipping front to back.
Pan can be anywhere around the arms, chest, neck, back or the head depending on the injured tissies. Whiplash injuries can be painful which can make day to day activities difficult.

If an individual is suffering a whiplash injury thus they are able to seek a chiropractor for professional aid. Some individuals will immediately visit the chiropractor after an accident while others choose to do so after some time has already passed and or when they have already consulted with other healthcare professionals. Whether you see a chiropractor immediately or after some time has passed, it is no doubt that a chiropractor will be the best at providing you with the proper treatment and advice.

Your encounter with a chiropractor will usually begin with them doing a background check on any disabilities that might be present, history of the accident, and any subsequent pain as a result of the accident. What happens next will be an examination of a person’s range of movement and motion with specific emphasis on the neck. The chiropractor will also check for any tenderness and or spasms of the neck muscles. Additionally, they will also check for any damage to ligaments of the patient’s neck which would indicate of a sprain. Another series of examinations will then check the nerves to see if they have been damaged or pinched. Chiropractors will often take x-rays of the patients neck in various angles and positions to see if there have been any fractures, dislocations, or other possible damage as a result of a whiplash injury.

Chiropractors and whiplash injury clinic offer a wide variety of treatment options for patients who suffered a whiplash injury. Manual therapies include mobilization, manual traction, spinal manipulation, muscle stimulation, and specific excercises.

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