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Improve Workplace Safety with a Customized Drug Testing Compliance Program

Drug testing is an important aspect of employee eligibility and keeping the workplace safe. By keeping the work environment free from substance abuse dangers, both employers and employees as well as the company can benefit a lot. If you have no idea where you can start ensuring that there is drug testing compliance in the company, there are professional service providers that can help you in this regard. This company will help you streamline drug testing compliance management.

Wherever you may live, the number of drug use cases has increased. There are many factors that make people turn to drug and alcohol abuse. Problems with drug and alcohol use and seeking treatment for them are often common in people who are dealing with emotional stress. The increasing demand for alcohol and drug abuse treatment often implies higher consumption of alcohol and drugs based on studies.

For people with substance abuse problems, finding a job is always a major issue. Moreover, there is also an increasing trend of drug use present in any work environment. Presently, more or less 75% of illicit drug users from age 18 and older are employed. About 42,000 Americans alone are getting high while working or coming to work stoned each day. According to national caller surveys too, about 75% of individuals used drugs while they are at work. From these numbers, testing employees aging 18 to 40 at any given day for drugs or alcohol will render 25% of them to be positive.

Employees and employers know that drug use at work can create serious issues. At the same time, drug use can negatively affect a range of work-related activities, job performance, and workplace safety. All companies big or small are required to institute drug testing on their employees. Before people will be taken in for work, they should undergo drug use and abuse testing. Additionally, employees get tested for drugs too when they return for work, post-accident, and post-rehabilitation. Of course, there is also random drug testing required for companies on their employees. Two of the most common substances that employees abuse are marijuana and cocaine. Other common drugs include heroin, opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, etc.

All employees and employers want nothing more but a safe working environment. Work environments become unsafe with substance abuse. One in six job fatalities at work is often associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The ones that get into the serious accidents are the innocent employees and not the ones who abuse drugs.

That is why drug testing compliance is important now more than ever. Based on workplace studies, the number of workplace accident rates decreased after drug testing implementation. If you want to ensure drug testing compliance in your company, make sure to seek professional services so you can customize and streamline the process.

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