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7 Things to Do to Ensure Social Distancing and Safety of Employees

Although the world has been affected by corona for many months down the line, the end of this pandemic isn’t known. Businesses have been the most affected because they must consider the coronavirus spread which resulted in most of them closing down. There are business owners that had to transit to spacious areas so that they can manage to keep the social distance for their work to avoid the corona in their business. Doing that is recommendable but it’s not efficient if you don’t incorporate other measures. To know what other considerations you should make when trying to keep the coronavirus away in your working site click here.

Ensure desks are six feet apart. Your employees need to be six feet far from each and this was introduced by the Center Disease Control and Prevention since the start of COVID-19. However, the distancing will be determined by the space you have in your office. For more info about maintaining social distance for a business that has less space click here.

Use of separation screen is the other way to ensure the safety of your employees. The use of the screen separation barriers are effective for you if your office is very small to accommodate 6 feet distance among the workers. This kind of separation is very effective more so where the employees deal with clients. If you want to shop for social distancing products check it out here.

Don’t allow customers inside the office. When you add customers into the equations it will be hard for you to keep the social distancing and keep your clients and employees safe. To avoid interaction with clients you should invest in online customer services such use of phone calls, emails, and video calls. To read more here about how to ban customer visits and start online services contact this company.

The other this to learn from this website is the use of the place markers and directional signage. If your business deals with a large traffic of people, the best thing is to come up with a strategy that will show people the direction they will be moving to and also place markers on the floor to guide people on social distancing.

Make sure to hold your meetings remotely. If you continue holding in-person meetings you will be risking the health of each other in your office. Virtual meetings help to avoid gathering of your employees hence assisting to avoid the tragedy of COVID-19.

Furthermore, you should implement rotational shifts to your employees so that you will have few employees working at a time. Besides, if you have a Corona victim, it means you will be safe because only one group will be taken to Quarantine and you will have the other team. Cutting down the number of workers is also an option in case there are not options provided in this site that works for you.